Barcelona boss congratulates Lamine Yamal on performance

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Lamine Yamal became a Barcelona player who received applause from fans at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium during a friendly against the Bulls.

Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez praises Lamine Yamal after the young forward’s outstanding performance with his club and the Spanish national team. By showing maturity and awareness of responsibility even at a young age.

Barcelona’s 16-year-old forward Yamal starred in Spain’s friendly against Brazil, which ended in a 3-3 draw. He received applause from fans as he was substitut. It is rare for a Barca player to receive such a welcome at the Santiago Bernabeu. 

Xavi said I saw him very calm. He is very careful in the sense that he is very well in control of everything that happens to him. Even though he is still young He’s grown up. He is responsible He was aware of the situation he was in. Very humble and he has shown us that he is a different player. He is a player who can define an era in football, especially at Barcelona. Hopefully we can enjoy him at this level forever.

The 44-year-old also revealed Promotion ufabet that Barcelona are taking steps to ensure Yamal continues to improve without affecting his growth. The 16-year-old forward has grown 10 centimeters taller and gained 7 kilograms in weight, most of which is muscle mass, over the past 12 months. 

The football world opened its eyes again when Barcelona sent a youngster named Lamine Yamal to start on the field against Cadiz last night. With this youngster playing in the wing-back position. Right-handed for all 85 minutes and holds the record for being the youngest starting player in La Liga in history at 16 years 38 days.

However, despite being the youngest player on the field, Yamal has impressed fans. With his performance, not being afraid of senior-level players at all and even coming close to scoring a goal. Or that in the future he will become a new star in the world of football?