Stellini flirts with Maddison out of style and says the chicken coop opens her arms

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Spurs assistant head coach Christian Stellini has claimed that several players at the club would be open to Leicester playmaker James Maddison wanting to coordinate the transfer window in the summer of 2023.

Maddison has eight goals ufabet, four assists in 15 games for the Foxes this season. But the team situation is still at risk of relegation, only 3 points more points than the red area 

As a result, the flow of moving out of the King Power Stadium was overwhelmed once again when the contract was left for only June 2024, and it seemed that there would be no chance of tangible success soon. 

Assistant head coach Stellini then threw a stone and asked the 26-year-old footballer if he wanted to work together or not? 

“We like Maddison as a player. He’s an important player in the league.”

“A player with great football skills, creating chances for his teammates, precise crosses, right foot, that’s a great weapon as a shooter, crosser and set-piece player.”

“He’s someone that opponents have to watch out for. When facing that guy, pay special attention.”

“Whenever you sense how important that skill is. Of course we like that kind of player – he’s a very talented player. 

“As of now, it’s still under Leicester, our next opponent. will deal with it as a competitor.” 

Spurs want attacking players to support the target spear, because in the summer they intend to release Lucas Moura and Arnaut Dan Yuma will expire on loan from Villarreal, so if Maddison is a property that will answer the question