Dyche: No problems with Klopp ahead of Merseyside fight

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Everton boss Sean Dyche talks about facing Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool on Monday. to the case that both had previously had problems

Return to the Premier League game at Anfield on January 21, 2021, when Dyche was in charge of Burnley and won 1-0, ending the unbeaten record of 68 games in the home of “Reds”, which at half-time There was an incident where the two had a heated argument.

However, Dyche insists that meeting in this game is not related to the continuation of the problems the pair had in the past. But it was just another ufabet game as a manager.

“It’s not a matter of renewal. It’s just two managers vs. two teams of the competition,” Dyche said.

“There was nothing in that incident. He felt my coat wasn’t as good as John McGinn had said, and he mentioned it, to which I replied, ‘You’re not the first person to say this, John, you’ve talked about my coat.'” 

“Listen, I think the fans don’t care about that. They want to see two managers fight for their team. fight for their club After that game it was over. For me it’s nothing.”

“It’s a normal occurrence in football. Maybe not so much now. It was never anything but it made a story.”

As for McGinn, he had an argument with Dyche before and said of the former Burnley boss’s coat: “You’ve been in the Premier League for six seasons and you’re still wearing a coat. old”