Crespo spoke highly of Enzo Fernandez and compared him to Blues legends 

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Hernan Crespo, former Argentine national team striker Handing out youngsters like Enzo Fernandez, there’s a mix of two of the best, Claude Makelele and Frank Lampard.

The midfielder, who moved to Chelsea for a Premier League record £106 million, is expected to become a star in world football, with Crespo highly praising the youngster for his potential. to play well both offensively and defensively, the type that is a combination of both Makelele and Lampard

“He made me happy in December. It was great to win the World Cup, Crespo said. So proud of him because he’s such a good boy.” ufabet

“He’s Makelele and Lampard, if you want him in Makelele’s place, he can do great. This kid also smelled of scoring goals. Shoot well from outside the box. So if you want him to play in front, like Lampard or Essien, he can do that.

“As a manager having players who can play in multiple positions It is extremely important in today’s football. He can do anything as a midfielder. He could be one of the best midfielders in history.”

The third reason Crespo has kept such a keen eye on Fernandez’s rise is because he did once manage him.

One of the great strikers of his generation, Crespo joked that in the same way he had the nose for a goal he pounced to sign Fernandez in August 2020.